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Key West, FL has a lot to offer, there are so many things to do while visiting here. But what better way to enjoy the keys to the fullest other than exploring our amazing excluded sandbars, only reachable by boat. Why not come out and enjoy a sandy beach, warm turquoise water, and a nice breeze?

Our Sandbar Private Charters offer tourists a unique way to experience the ocean, whether it's relaxing on our sandbars, snorkeling and exploring our corals, relaxing, drinking, and eating all out on our excluded sandbars. Who wouldn't want to be immersed in the ocean, relaxing on our sandy beaches, soaking in the ocean, taking it all in while spending time with friends? Come enjoy the sandbars with us for intimate and customizable sandbar parties and lunches. Our private charters are great for bachelor and bachelorette parties, cooperate events, weddings and birthday parties. 

Boca_Grande Key.jpg

Boca Grande

Boca Grande Key is a island located in the outlying islands of the Florida Keys 13.8 miles west of Key West. This is also a well protected and is the first natural harbor after leaving Key West. 

Snipe Point

Also known as Snipes, located 16 miles off of Key West. This little island is one of the most popular sandbar in Key West. This sandbar is a longer  strip which can hold more people on this island. So if you are wanting to mix and mingle this is the spot to go! 

Marvin Key.jpg

Marvin Key

Marvin Key is definitely one for the adventurers! This is a private more excluded location 13.9 miles of of Key West. This spot is where the locals like to hangout, making the sandbar more private due to being further and harder to find for other people other than locals. 

Woman Key

Woman Key is one for the wildlife lovers! This abundant island is located 12 miles from Key West. Woman Key is within the boundaries of the Key West National Wildlife Refuge which is a conservation center that seeks to protect bird nesting areas located in mangroves. Here you can enjoy the ocean, the breeze, the birds!

Woman Key.jpg
Mud Key.jpg

Mud Key

Mud Key is located 11 miles northeast of Key West.  The islands consist almost entirely of red mangroves, although the northernmost island has considerable upland vegetation. This beautiful key is more for snorkelers who can explore through our mangroves. 

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